Natalia Cincunegui (maart 2017)

By a serial repetition of ideas, motives and images, I try to come nearer to the ‘right’ form, researching crucial gestures enlarged by cinematographic close-ups capturing the drama of this human epos we are destined living. Text is crucial: own aphorisms, next to quotes phrases or fragments of songs.

My sources are, among others a selection of film stills, dance performances and comics. One of the topics of what one could call Contemporary Cruelty is stressed in my work. History might be repeating itself, yet it has taken a far more sophisticated and sterile form. I therefore find myself in Bernard Shaw’s words: Let us blush over the far more hypocrite and pretentious savagery of our times.
Lately I have concentrated myself uniquely to drawing. Never aesthetically correct, as much as I aim my lines to be classical and clean, the text – that is often totally out of context–stands on its own bringing the necessary rawness to the represented image. Balancing the composition and meaning.