DH Mack (december 2020)

I’m exploring to express, my observations of people, individually and as a society.
Focussing on people, I set out to create a story that reflects my experience or an observation I made. Trying to capture the fullness (beauty and confusion) of being human and visualize my questions about what this might mean.

I try to give my paintings an open narrative so that when looking at my paintings you can create your own story. As a technique I use pencil and black oil paint on canvas. Using different methods like wet and dry paint and different brushes, long haired and short haired, to express the paint in a way that befits the individual painted.
My fascination has always been the philosophy of myself, life and the people around me and how we relate to each other. How much of our opinions are uniquely our own, formed by others or programmed by society? How do we relate to the past, fit into history, where do we find ourselves in the present, what do we want for our future?